Welcome to my webpage.

I am a PhD student in Economics at the University of Michigan - Ann Arbor. I am also an Academic Visitor at the Bank of England and an Honorary Fellow of the Belgian American Education Foundation.

Conceptually, I am interested in how different kinds of firms interact with different kinds of workers, and how this affects macroeconomic dynamics and outcomes. Methodologically, I am enthusiastic about the potential of granular micro data to shed light on questions about the economy and society at large. I believe in open science and open source. Feel free to bother me with data and code questions and requests.

My research fields are: macroeconomics, industrial organization, labor economics. My research interests are: market power, firm and household heterogeneity, inequality, big data.

Please find my CV here.

Before turning to economics, I worked in the performing arts. You can find some excerpts at the Performing Arts tab.